About Encona

“Cook to explore, not as a chore. We don’t want perfection. We want dinner. So don’t be afraid as there are no mistakes. Only originals. Go on and tuck and roll into the world of Encona…”

Back in 50s Britain, life was drab. Clothes were grey. And as for the food…

But one company was bucking that trend. We boldly began bringing Caribbean grocery products to kitchens everywhere. Fresh ideas. Feisty new flavours. And for many, the unmistakable taste of home.

Then, in 1975, something big happened. No, not the cinema release of Jaws. That was the year we introduced the Encona Hot Pepper Sauce range. A range with just as much bite.

Tastebuds were shocked. Tantalised. Tickled. And bland food was history.

For the past 40 years we’ve been inspiring people to take Enconaship. We’re here for those who like to get stuck in, take risks and let loose in the kitchen . Use Encona sauces as a dip, a marinade, condiment or ingredient. Dash. Splash. Pour. Dollop. Fire your creativity. Fuel your fearless originality.

Today, there are 18 delicious Encona sauces. Caribbean favourites now rub shoulders on supermarket shelves with flavours from across the globe. From Indian Sweet Mango Chilli to Thai Sweet Chilli or African Peri Peri. We’re not just the UK’s No. 1 Hot Pepper Sauce brand, our products span the world.

Seems fortune really does flavour the bold!

Own It. Encona It.