We've prepared a list of questions that our lovely fans have asked us so that if you need an answer quickly on our sauces, it's at the tip of your fingers.

  • There are 12 sauces in our range currently.

  • Head over to our stockists page to see where you can find our products. You can find them over here.

  • All of our sauces are made of natural chillies, so colour and taste can vary on the chilli used. However we take as many steps as possible to ensure quality consistency to provide you with the best quality product for you to enjoy.

  • All of our sauces are ambient products, which means you can store them at room temperature. However once opened, to ensure the highest quality of taste, smell, colour and texture, we recommend that your store the bottle in the fridge.

  • The vinegar used in our sauces does not contain alcohol.

  • We do not add Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) to any of our sauces however Glutamate is an amino acid that can be found naturally in ingredients.

  • Our sauces do not contain any ingredients which contain gluten. However, we do not carry out frequent gluten tests to claim that out sauces are ‘gluten free’.

  • All of the ingredients used in our sauces are suitable for vegans.

  • Ingredients used in all our Encona sauces are Halal. However please note that our products are not certified by an authorised Halal certification organisation.

  • We have a wide range of Encona sauces with different combination of flavours and heat levels. We categorise our heat levels into 4 levels: Extra Hot, Hot, Medium and Mild to accommodate the hot heads and flavour fiends alike.

  • TBC...

  • We use exactly the same recipe for all of our sauces to ensure the highest quality and consistency of sauces for you to enjoy. Due to the difference in packaging and bottle shape, the flow of the sauce can appear to be different.

  • Absolutely! We have a whole list of recipes which we constantly add to over time. Click here to see our recipes. Also if you have any examples of how you've taken Enconaship of your cooking, feel free to share with us your recipe and you might see it featured on the website!